Vaping e-cigarettes is associated with a number of health effects. Let’s check them out.

Disclaimer: This section is based on best available evidence. The research is constantly evolving.

Your Lungs
Frequent vaping is associated with…

Increased risk of chronic cough1 and asthma-like symptoms 2.

More frequent respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and chest tightness, especially during physical activities 3.

Impaired airflow in your lungs on a long-term basis 3.
The Heart
When you vape with nicotine…

Your heart rate and blood pressure spike immediately after vaping. Doing this repeatedly may lead to long-lasting consequences 3.

The long-term effects on your heart are not fully known yet.

Your Brain
One study has shown that vaping with nicotine in excessive amounts can lead to nerve damage that can have poor or even fatal outcomes 4.

Blood flow to your brain can get restricted, which means the brain gets less oxygen. This can alter the connections made between neurons 5.

Young people are more likely to get addicted to vaping, even if the nicotine concentration is lower 6.

Nicotine can affect brain functions like impulse control, memory, concentration, and behaviour 5,6,7.

Vaping with nicotine causes addiction 8,9. Nicotine withdrawal is the feeling you get when you haven’t used your device for a period of time. This can feel like….

Anxiousness, low mood, and irritability 7,9.
Sweating, nausea, shakiness 10.
Needing your device to feel “normal" 10.

Vaping can increase your risk of using commercial cigarettes 8,9. Using devices with nicotine in your youth can lead to addiction of other substances in the future 9.
Oral Health
Vaping daily or almost daily can lead to…

Throat and mouth discomfort immediately after vaping11,12. This can feel like an oily coating around the throat that can last for several hours.

Dental staining, where teeth can turn yellowish or brownish, if vaping with nicotine long-term (for as little as one month)11,12,13.

Oral pain and cracked or broken teeth particularly among youth aged 13-24 years old14.

The Body
E-liquid is made of components known to be toxic by the FDA. Using vaping products can cause injury or other bodily harm, such e-liquid poisoning and burns. There have been documented cases of burns to the face and thigh if the vape device explodes15,16.

We still need more studies on the impact of vaping on sleep, cellular health, bone health, and newborn health for women vaping while pregnant.
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