Hello and welcome to VIBED!

You’re likely here because you’re looking for resources to help you with the youth vaping problem you are experiencing in your respective field, whether that is as a teacher, community leader, youth sports team coach, or even at home as a parent/guardian. 

We’re here to help. 

VIBED is a dynamic and engaging youth-oriented vaping education workshop designed to empower young individuals with knowledge and the tools to make healthier decisions in the future. The program is broken down into two sections; Vaping Information (VI) and Better-Educated Decisions (BED). 

The first section focuses on the real contents of a vape, dispelling the myth of vaping = “vapour”, and the potential health effects of vaping. 

The second section focuses on how vaping affects our behaviour, how we make decisions, and choices we can make for a vape-free future. To remain non judgemental, the workshop contains information and resources for those who are currently interested in quitting vaping. 

The workshop is offered in three different ways to best meet your needs. The two original iterations are designed to be delivered by YOU. The slides, materials, script, and interactive activities are all provided for you… all you need to do is read the slide notes and you’re good to go. This way, you are able to add any nuances that pertain to your particular experience where you would like! 

Below are four available versions of the workshop. Alongside these presentations, you will find downloadable materials for the activities and educational resources.

Option 1: Full Length Version
Self-facilitated 50 minutes including interactive activities.
Option 2: Condensed Version

Self-facilitated 20 minutes (condensed presentation with only one activity).

Option 3: Pre-recorded

Pre-recorded 20 minutes (requires activity facilitation only).

Option 4: Version française

Voici la version intégrale de la présentation.

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