Stop Vaping Challenge

Stop Vaping Challenge is an app that provides a space for youth to reflect on their vaping behaviours through an “abstinence challenge”. They are encouraged to try to stop vaping for as long as they can, with the help of a timer within the app tracking seconds, minutes, and hours. This can be a highly revealing experience.

Download it directly from your phone’s app store, or through the following links:



(Vaping Information for Better-Educated Decisions)

Vaping Information for Better Educated Decisions! This educational workshop offers essential knowledge to make informed decisions about vaping. Say goodbye to misconceptions, embrace evidence-based insights, and join us in building a vape-free future. Together, let’s inspire a generation of informed, empowered young people committed to a vape-free life

Crush the Crave

Crush the Crave was one of the first evidence-based smoking cessation apps designed to meet the needs of young adult smokers. The app has been updated to help participants quit vaping through a customized quit plan, tracking (e.g., cravings, money saved, health improvements) and access to services such as quit lines.

You can download Crush the Crave:



Nod from 2050 is a visually aesthetic platform informed by research on behavioural change techniques that contains the self-reflective exercise of writing a postcard from one’s future self in 2050 to one’s current self. The post card is intended to be a “nod of gratitude” to the future you for quitting vaping and remaining vape-free.

Visit Nod from 2050 to check out the postcard-making process.

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